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Basic Information

Candidates may take the necessary coursework for completion of the RALC plan of study at a variety of colleges and universities.
The centers provide a number of benefits for lateral entry teachers:

  • more consistent evaluations
  • plans of study targeting licensure requirements
  • college/university choices to satisfy course requirements
  • certain requirements can be met at local school systems

Courses listed on the RALC website are approved for employed teachers who have a current plan of study on file with one of the four RALCs. Due to the phase-out of lateral entry, it is important to note that prospective teachers must be employed and a license requested by the employing school system no later than April 15, 2019 to allow for processing of the license by June 30, 2019. Individuals with an expired or no plan of study should not take these courses and assume they will count.

  • Individuals following a plan of study from the RALC must be self-directed in finding coursework and completing all requirements of the plan due to limited resources of the RALC.
  • We recommend that you compare a plan of study from the RALC with one from a college or university to see which best suits your needs.
  • If you choose to complete the RALC plan of study, keep in mind that it is valid until your lateral entry license expires, if one has been issued.
  • You should plan to complete all requirements, including testing, by the expiration date of your lateral entry license.
  • Some competencies require courses be taken at a 4-year college or university with an approved teacher education program in your license area. Make note of these competencies and plan accordingly. Not all courses are offered each semester.
  • E-mail your appropriate RALC office for approval to take a course not listed on the RALC website. Prior written approval from your RALC Director must be obtained before substituting any courses. Verbal approvals will not be honored. Click here for access to the Course Approval Form.
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