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RALC Disclaimers

Disclaimer For Listed Courses

Courses listed on the RALC website are approved for employed and prospective teachers who have a current plan of study or qualification letter on file with one of the four RALCs. Individuals with an expired or no plan of study should not take these courses and assume they will count.

Disclaimer For Online Courses Red Painted Brush Strock With the Word Disclaimer In White

Online courses can be taken to satisfy RALC requirements; however, check to see that it is an approved class listed under the Courses tab before enrolling.  If the course you wish to take is not listed on the RALC site, you must obtain prior written approval from your RALC Director. Courses taken that either do not appear on the RALC website or have not been approved by your RALC Director will not be accepted.

Once you click on one of the links listed on this page, you are leaving the RALC site. While these sites are listed as a resource, the RALC has no control or influence regarding content of those sites.

Disclaimer For Faxes Received By Each Regional RALC

Faxed copies of transcripts and test scores are not accepted. Please do not highlight information on your documents. Our scanning process causes highlighted areas to appear blackened and unreadable. This may cause key information to be lost in the evaluation of your documentation and in providing you with the most accurate plan of study.

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