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Lateral Entry Plan of Study

All plans of study (with the exception of Birth – Kindergarten, Counseling, Social Worker, Special Education) have two parts: Licensure Content Area, and Pedagogy. A list of colleges/universities offering courses that have been approved by the RALC to satisfy competencies for your plan of study is found on this page.

To find approved courses for your content area or pedagogy requirements, follow the steps below.

  1. Select your Lateral Entry Licensure or Pedagogy area from the drop-down menus on your left.
  2. Select the college or university where you want to take the class. Approved classes are listed by prefix and course title.

If you prefer to take a course not listed on this site, you must seek written approval from your RALC Director prior to enrollment. Written requests must include the competency you wish to satisfy, the name of the institution where you want to take the course, the course prefix, title, and official description from the institution’s catalog.

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